The Basics

What is HomeCooked?
HomeCooked is a solution for busy folks to get meals you can feel good about on your family's dinner table without all the shopping, prepping, slicing and dicing. Our clients pick up (or have delivered) delicious, ready-to-cook meals, soups, sides and desserts that can be stored in your freezer. In November and December we offer special menus to simplify holiday entertaining. In addition to simplifying dinner we also offer kids cooking camps, kids cooking workshops and cooking birthday parties. Learn How it Works!

How much does it cost?
HomeCooked Meals are available in packages of various sizes – and each dish serves either (2-3 people) or (4-6 people). Pricing ranges from $5-$7.00 per serving, much less than restaurant take out and so much better for you and your family.

How long does each meal take to cook?
If your meals have been thawed many stove-top dishes can be ready in fewer than 20 minutes. Oven dishes average 30-35 minutes, but if they are frozen when they go into the oven they average 45-65 minutes. These are averages-- some like our crusted chicken tenders, chicken parmesan bake or tortilla crusted tilapia can cook from frozen in 30 minutes.

How do I sign up/order and pay?
Sign up happens online on, in person or over the phone. On the site, click on "order now" and select your meal package as well as pick up or delivery. First time users will create a profile (with basic contact info) on and the site will walk you through choosing a time/date, entrees and payment options. You pay online at the time of your registration with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex or a HomeCooked gift certificate for deliveries, or can choose the "pay in store" option for pick up orders. You can also pay us with cash or a check either in advance or when you come in for your pick up. If you pay by credit card on our website, we do not save your credit card information after processing for your security.

Do I have to become a member to order?
No, you do not become a member and you can order or stop in our shop for meals as frequently as you prefer.

What should I bring when I come to pick up my order?
We ask that you bring a large cooler in which to transport your food home; something that will keep your food cold on your drive, particularly if the food will be in transport for more than a few minutes. You do not need to bring a print-out of your order.

Are the meals refrigerated or frozen?
For "grab & go meals" in our cases at our Paoli shop we have both refrigerated or frozen options. For pick up orders and delivery orders meals are prepped and then frozen. For pick up orders we can accommodate requests to keep a meal (or several) refrigerated. To make a special request such as "keep Mexican Tortilla Lasagna refrigerated" use the comments box in the order process if you would like certain items kept refrigerated. For pick up orders all items can be prepped and then refrigerated with the exception of seafood items as our seafood comes in frozen to our shop. For delivery orders we prefer for everything to be frozen.

How many people does each HomeCooked Meal serve?
Our full size entree contains 4-6 servings, and our half size entree contains 2-3 servings. A serving is approximately 4-6 ounces of protein (depending on the protein). Half meals with chicken breasts come with 3 chicken breasts, full size chicken breast meals are 6 chicken breasts. A half meal is 50% of the ingredients of a full size meal. Please note that some items such as slow-cooker meals are only available in the full (4-6) size. Folks ordering half size meals can still order slow-cooker meals, but they count as 2, half-size meals.

How much space will HomeCooked Meals require in my freezer or refrigerator?
Half size meals come either in gallon size zipper bags or in 9" round pans, approximately 2" high. For full size meals they come either in gallon size zipper bags or in "lasagna size" rectangular aluminum pans, 13x10x3". We freeze everything as flat as possible. Sides (such as veggies) usually come in quart size zipper bag. Once you pick up your order you can put everything in your freezer if you won't be cooking the meals for a few days, or you can place 1-2 items in your refrigerator for use in the next 2-3 days.

How long can my meals remain in the freezer?
It is recommended that you use your meals within two months of your order. The proper way to defrost a meal is to leave it in your refrigerator for the 24-48 hours it will take to thoroughly defrost. Items should not be thawed by leaving them on the kitchen counter as this method allows for growth of bacteria.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my order?
Work emergencies, sick kids, lost your car keys...We know sometimes canceling a session or rescheduling is inevitable. If you notify us at least three days before your scheduled order, we’ll give you a store credit for your payment or can reschedule for another date. If you cancel fewer than three days before your order pickup/delivery we charge a $20 cancellation fee as we will have already ordered ingredients and possibly have made all of part of your order already. To cancel, please call the shop at 610.647.1002.

How do I make a change to my order?
Want to make a change to your order? If it's at least three days before your scheduled order give us a call and we'll be happy to update your order. If it's fewer than three days call us and we'll do our very best to accommodate your change. 610.647.1002

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