Food Related Issues

Are team members trained in food safety?
Absolutely! All of our workers have been trained in food safety. We follow the Chester County Health Department's recommendations for food safety and practice all ServSafe recommendations. In fact, our management and many team members are ServSafe certified. Each meal prep station is used for only one meal type at a time (so ingredients do not mix/cross contaminate) and all items are thoroughly sanitized after each session. Your safety and the safety of your families is of utmost priority to us.

How long should I thaw my meals?
Once frozen, the typical full size entree will require approximately 24-48 hours in your refrigerator to thaw completely. We do not recommend that you thaw your meals on your kitchen counter as they risk becoming susceptible to bacterial growth. If you choose to thaw food in the microwave be sure to use the defrost setting and be sure to cook it right away. Unlike food thawed in a refrigerator, microwave-thawed foods start to cook and therefore need to be fully cooked right away for your safety.

Can I customize my meals? What about allergies?
We can customize/omit ingredients to suit your family's taste in most dishes. Don't like onions, ask us to omit them. Prefer your jambalaya without sausage, ask to omit it. Want extra spice in your chili- we can make it happen!

Do you have Vegetarian options?
Yes! Admittedly our menu is predominantly chicken, turkey, beef,, pork and seafood options, we are here to serve vegetarians as well. We will always include at least 3 (often more) vegetarian options on our menu. Every month we offer Vegetarian Mexican Tortilla Lasagna due to its popularity but have other yummy vegetarian options as well. In addition we often offer vegetarian soups and additional vegetarian options in our grab & go cases. You are always more than welcome to call for what's available, 610.647.1002.

Do you provide nutritional information?
We have nutrition information for many of our menu items and are adding more on an on-going basis. It can be found on the menu page

Can I return my food?
For health and safety reasons, we cannot accept product returns of any kind. If you have an issue with a product purchased at HomeCooked or questions about our refund/return policy, please contact us.

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Phone: 610.647.1002
1 Paoli Plaza, Paoli, PA 19301 (across N Valley Rd from the Paoli Train Station)