Saving Time & Money

Can HomeCooked save me money?
Absolutely! HomeCooked can substantially cut your food budget while saving you time and energy! Our meals are very reasonably priced at $5-7 per serving. That’s significantly less than you would pay for take out or prepared foods. In fact, when we price out the ingredients at local grocery stores for many meals you save significant money versus making them yourself (plus you get major time savings!). When you factor in the extensiveness of your grocery list to purchase all the ingredients that go into each dish, the waste of unused ingredients, and the time to shop, slice/dice and clean up, there is no doubt what a savings and convenience this really is.

Will this really save me time?
HomeCooked saves you time by:

eliminating many trips to the grocery store that often result in impulse purchases
less grocery waste for spoiled ingredients
taking away the need for last minute fast food or restaurant take out runs
getting rid of cleaning all those cutting boards, pots and pans!

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